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Myth: Autism is rare in Malaysia

Fact: Cases of autism are on the rise in Malaysia. One out of every 600 children has autism.

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Myth: All people with autism require constant care.

Fact: Autism is a spectrum condition (a.k.a Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD). While many people
with autism face similar challenges, it can affect them differently and they require different support
and have varying needs. IAC works on reducing the dependence of autistic children on care.

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Myth: People with autism don't want friends.

Fact: If someone has autism, they probably struggle with social skills, which may make it difficult
to interact with peers. They may seem shy or unfriendly, but that's just because they are unable
communicate their desire for relationships the same way you do.

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A bit about us...


The IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC) aims to provide early intervention care and education for autistic children below the age of 9, from low-income households, to ease their transition and assimilation into mainstream primary schools.


IAC also offers weekly occupational and speech therapy sessions to those who are not fulltime students as well.


We offer the following:
Speech Therapy

Speech therapy aims to improve the communication and language skills of each individual child.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy aims to improve the fine motor skills of each individual child.

Psychiatric Specialist Care

IAC offers monthly appointments with clinical specialists from UiTM, Selayang Campus, an opportunity that usually takes months.

Applied Behaviour Analysis

Commonly used by teachers and therapists, ABA corrects behaviour using principles such as positive reinforcement.